Battle for North America Resumed in Ogdensburg, New York

Ogdensburg, NY – Battle for North America resumed in Ogdensburg, New York this weekend during Founder’s Day Weekend celebration, French and Indian War reenactment, and colonial trade fair. Approximately 500 re-enactors from the US and Canada portraying 18th-century regiments of the French and English armies, their colonial militias and Native allies have establish their canvas camps on Lighthouse Point.

The battle re-enactment began with a naval battle on the St. Lawrence river at the mouth of the Oswegatchie river where 6 period authentic bateau and other boats armed with swivel canons and men with muskets battled for control or the river before troops landed for the continuation of the battle on land.

Tonight there was also a traditional country dance with live music in the banquet room of the Freight House across from the site and at dusk artillery fired from the shore, the boats and Fort Wellington in Prescott lit up the night.

If you missed today’s activities don’t worry, the re-enactment including another battle happens again on Sunday. Founder’s Day opens to the public at 10 AM. Admission: Adults $8; Children 7 to 12 $2; children 6 and under free.

For more information visit: Fort La Présentation Association