AUDL: Ottawa Outlaws Win First Home Game In Franchise History

Ottawa, ON – On a partly overcast but warm Saturday afternoon, approximately 500 fans gathered at Keith Harris Stadium on the Campus of Carleton University to watch the Ottawa Outlaws make a bit of franchise history verse the Montreal Royal.

Ottawa and Montreal stayed close with back and forth goals in the first half of the game. Ottawa, seem to take charge for most of the 3rd quarter, managing to maintain a 3-4 point lead over the Royal. Then in the last minutes of the 3rd the Royal showed some signs of life and fought back in the game to make it a 1 point game. This was followed by a delay of game call against Montreal which pushed the Royal team 10 yards back, causing Montreal to drop the disc close to their zone and Ottawa’s Jeremy Hill stuck with another goal. Montreal would not give up, they chipped away at Ottawa’s lead in the 4th quarter and made strong defensive moves. Near the end, the Royal got the lead down to one goal. The intensity ramped up as the final few seconds took minutes to play after 3 scoreboard error corrections and Montreal’s attempted hail mary that was knocked down by a defender inside the goal line. Ottawa hung on to win the game 25-24, the first home game win in franchise history.

The Outlaws next home game is next Sunday, May 24 at 2PM verse the New York Empire. Buy your tickets now!