Ottawa Comiccon Is Coming This Weekend!

Ottawa, ON – Outside Brothers Beer Bistro at the corner of Dalhousie St. and George St., a crowd of comic fans started to gather as the opening event took place, giving the public a preview of what to expect this weekend.

“Open your imagination you’re going to see everything, we already have Chewbacca on the street, Captain America is here and expect a lot of Doctor Who things,” said self-professed time traveler and member of Team Fox, Terry Holler.

Another member of Team Fox, Oliver Holler said, “It’s a great way for us to spread the word about the Michael J. Fox Foundation.”

Visitors will be given the opportunity to make a donation and sit in the DeLorean Time Machine, created 14 years ago by Terry and Oliver Holler. All the proceeds received by the Back to the Future team will go towards Team Fox for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

“We really get to see a more exclusive event then we have in the past,” said Andy Pegan, dressed as Chewbacca.

“Last year at Comiccon, we raised almost $11,000 for Make A Wish Foundation, just with our photo booth and with our blast range. This year we’re introducing a new activity,” said Pegan,

Visitors who make a donation can have their friend arrested and detained in Jailed and Bailed. All proceeds received by the Star Wars team will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

“We will go out with you in uniform, do storm troopers, we will find, detain and arrest your friend for ten minutes and put them in our jail,” said Pegan.

Those detained have the option of making another donation to be released prior to the ten-minute mark.

Comiccon kicks off Friday at 3 p.m. and runs until Sunday at 5 p.m. at the EY Centre. Visitor can expect celebrity Q&A and autograph signing, plenty of photo opportunities, light-speed dating, lots of entertainment and more.